Author Topic: How can I add new sound effects?  (Read 2221 times)

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How can I add new sound effects?
Hello,  TBP developers and players. :) I come to you with a noob question.

I'd like to add some new weapon sound effects to my TBP install. I'm not asking anybody to provide me with any sound files. I'll find those myself.

I'd simply like to know how I'd go about editing any tbl-files to add new sfx or change the sfx (and specifically what weapon or weapons they are associated with) that already included in B5_Core-3_4.vp

These are the things I'd like to change.

- the Falkosi's primary weapon uses the same sound effect as Earth Alliance cap-ship heavy lasers.
- the Drakh fighter's primary uses the same sound effect as the EA Starfury's 40mm cannon.
- I 'd like the Shadow battlecrab cutting beam weapon to have its own unique sound effect.
- likewise for the Minbari Shar'lin primary beams. I'd like to keep the powering-up and powering-down sfx, so only the 'shot' and 'loop' effects would have to be exchanged for new effects.

If someone could teach how to do this, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks. :)



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Re: How can I add new sound effects?
There is no easy answer to this one.  I suggest you start by reading here:

Then check the weapons.tbl and ships.tbl entries as well. 
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Re: How can I add new sound effects?
you pretty much need to change both
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Re: How can I add new sound effects?
For this, only weapons.tbl would suffice (no ship-specific changes). That's actually a nice idea. If you could find some good sounds, this would make a nice addition to Zatharas.


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Re: How can I add new sound effects?
Thx, guys. I'll try to make this work. As I own all B5 DVDs, maybe I can find some decent effects there, without too much background music or other effects interfering. I also seem to remember that I bought "The Official Guide to Babylon 5" cd-rom, which IIRC also featured a collection of sound effects.

This could take me a while, though. I'm currently trying to update the soundtrack to suit my tastes (I'm primarily interested in getting more music from the "Into the Fire" soundtrack into the game). Well, I'll get back to you. Thanks again. :)


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Re: How can I add new sound effects?
That site have some interesting sound of the tv serie.

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Re: How can I add new sound effects?
Txh for the link, emi_100. Some of those effects might do the trick.

Not all of them, though. The Shadow beam weapons effects are somewhat too short. Ah, well, looks like I'll need to find a good spot in the TV series for that.