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Activision and Into the Fire
Yes, this is another ITF post - and by a newbie to boot! I've been lurking around here a while, just discovered the game recently, and am loving the Hell out of it (actually, did some voice work for the Relic campaign a while back, but never knew that it had actually gotten released till I found this site).

What I'm wondering is if anyone's tried to organize getting the ITF assets released since Sierra was sold to Activision a few years back. Activision's published games using previously Sierra IPs like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, but have also said they'd be interested in selling the Sierra branding itself independently of those. While that information certainly doesn't make it any kind of sure thing, the PR boost they might get from releasing the ITF assets to the fans after all these years might actually be worth it to them.

Obviously, no one here could, or would really be interested, in actually finishing ITF - but what's always bugged me about that game is the knowledge that somewhere out there is a bunch of FMV footage of the show characters that's never seen the light of day. There's a little piece of B5 that none of us have ever seen, and that's a painful thought to think. If we could get those released, and then build a TBP campaign around them? (not sure that the engine supports FMV footage to be interspersed, but its worth a shot) B5 is, unfortunately, forgotten enough that it wouldn't cause as much of a splash as it should, but either way, better late than never.

And of course, it could be that someone's already tried this in the intervening years and ran into the same brick wall as every other time anyone tried to get hold of the assets.