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Babylon 5 – production artwork, interviews, etc. (update about B5Scrolls basical
This is just a heads up for those who don’t know about the change of location of the B5Scrolls site (especially as they’ll be a new update probably before the end of the year).

For those that already know about it, and downloaded a copy.

It finally happened B5Scrolls has moved address, old bookmarks will throw back a 404.  The new url is

When the site moved a few folk said they hadn’t realised it still gets updated.  The current front page is dated 20th October 2013.  If your copy doesn’t say that your missing a pile of production artwork, a new interview with the Emmy award winning Kevin Kutchaver – and possibly a fair bit more from Ron Thornton and a few others depending how old your copy is.

For those that don’t have a clue as to what I’m twittering on about.

B5Scrolls was an exercise in learning to code a web page.  More by accident than design it now holds a collection of sometimes very frank, revealing and occasionally funny interviews with 16 (mostly emmy award winning) FX artists, conceptualist and one producer who helped create the Babylon 5 television series.

It’s an ‘art of’ book in some respects, a technical manual and a behind the scenes peak into how some of the artists and technicians helped usher in the modern era of special effects (at least for television), and how B5 was almost like a proof of concept for a LOT of stuff that followed.   

It covers a lot of technical and artistic ground and touches on other shows these guys have worked on – Firefly, the new BSG, ST:Voyager, etc..  Steve Burg, who designed the Prometheus for the Ridley Scott movie described what we talked about as the most in-depth examination of his methodology and approach to design ever carried out. 

There’s too much to list here, but another large section is the previously unreleased production art which Steve Burg, Tim Earls, Luc Mayrand and a few others sent over.  This image is (literally) a tiny selection of the hundreds of pieces on the site.

The whole thing is free to download and keep - no strings, costs, spyware or any other dip**** added, as anyone here who has already got a copy can confirm.  Due to the range and type of information it ended up containing, I didn’t want all that to just disappear when the site inevitably goes black - hence the free download.

There’s also a facebook page to let folks find the site – I can only post on forums like this so much.   It covers a slightly wider range of topics as B5Scrolls focuses more on the FX, designs and CGI.

BTW.  If you do decide to download a copy, and your on facebook, give the page a ‘like’ – you’d be doing others a favour, as it does increase the chances of people finding B5Scrolls when doing a google search.



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Re: Babylon 5 – production artwork, interviews, etc. (update about B5Scrolls basical
It's good that this page will be remaining.  If you haven't visited the site before, check out the "ships" section, then use the "Mode Button" to view them in a 3D viewer.  Then go ahead and laugh up a lung when you read the specs on the various ships.  :lol: Enjoy!
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Re: Babylon 5 – production artwork, interviews, etc. (update about B5Scrolls basical
This site is back online. And there’s a fair bit of new content scattered around the place. Also replaced all the old Flash animations with new larger MP4’s (behind the ship mode button) – there was 140 of the things to do (including over 40 showing actual 3D models used on the show).