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Installl tutorial for Ubuntu?
Just finished getting my sons machine installed with Ubuntu 14.04 and was looking for a tutorial for installing Babylon 5 Project. It would be great to see it added to the Freespace 2 installer but not sure that will happen.

Any help would be appreciated. Kind of new to Linux


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Re: Installl tutorial for Ubuntu?
You'll need to perform a manual install.  There's a thread here that has the basics, the differences I'd note are:

1) Make sure you install TBP to a DIFFERENT folder that you install Freespace/FSO into (it's tons simpler this way)
2) Use Zathras 2.8
3) Use wxLauncher to set the lighting options, flags, -mod settings, etc
4) You can use the same FSO exec that you downloaded with the Freespace Open Installer (i.e. from your other thread) EXCEPT that you need to use FSO 3.7.0 (and not 3.7.2RC5) - there's an issue with TBP and 3.7.2RC5.  Anyway, just copy it over, or if you know what a soft-link is use one of those.

Per your other thread, post if you have any issues and we'll see what we can do to help out.
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