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My Babylon 5 Project simpit
Here is my simpit for Babylon 5 Project... tweaking my Voiceattack profile for it as well

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This looks cool!
"View from starfury" :D

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I posted this on the Babylon 5 Facebook page and it has generated a lot of interest for this game. Maybe we will see some more people here from it.

One thing as I was going over the keybinds is whether the Shield controls come into play for any of the missions? I did some searching and i looks like the answer is no. Is this correct?

Is there any other keybinds that are not needed or act differently from FS2?  I have not found any details documentation on this.


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Re: My Babylon 5 Project simpit
I think the only ships with shields are the Thirdspace ships, and I'm reasonably sure they're not player ships in any of the campaigns.
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