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1. What is Freespace: Fleet Command?

Fleet Command (FSFC) is a multiplayer-oriented mod allowing players to fight using the different fighters and warships from the Freespace setting. The game is fully playable in both the Freespace 1 and Freespace 2 eras. FSFC is currently in active development.

2. How does gameplay work?

The core your force, at least at first, is your Destroyer. In Freespace 2, the player's Destroyer is random and helps define their early game playstyle. Some Destroyers have different sets of ships they can build, and they are all unique and handle slightly differently. For example, the Hecate's long range flak batteries serve as an excellent deterrent to fighter raids, while the Ravana's obscene forward firepower can bring down warships in front of it with ease.

Destroyers are your base of operations. They are powerful warships, and also are the only ships that can process salvaged cargo, and build more ships. Destroyers start the game without their Beam cannons. Once your Destroyer is beam capable, it becomes a powerhouse.

There are a multitude of different fighters and bombers that flesh out the setting as well. Interceptors are fast, and deal heavy damage to bombers and can shoot down bombs. Assault fighters can launch their volleys of swarm missiles and overwhelm cruisers. Strike Bombers can lob Stiletto missiles from long range and knock out an enemy's beam cannons before you attack- or take out their Navigation subsystem so they can't withdraw!

3. What are the gameplay modes?

Deathmatch is the standard RTS experience. Fleet Battle starts each player with a fleet and the battle is to the last man standing, with resourcing and research disabled. Gauntlet pits the player against increasingly powerful waves of enemies.

4. Where do you play?

The standard meeting place for FSFC is the Homeworld 2 lobby in Tunngle. Tunngle is an effective, free VPN client.

5. My game's framerate is extremely choppy- making the game almost unplayable. What gives?

Enable or disable Vsync in the game options menu. This option is known to cause problems if the incorrect setting is applied.

Additionally, an issue with some ATI card and driver combinations requires an additional .dll file needs to be applied. This file is on the moddb page in the addons section.

6. I tried to play online with my friend and got Out of Sync. What gives?

The game is stable in a multiplayer environment as long as all players are using the same data. Make sure the checksums of the .big files the game searches for are correct, and make sure each player's command line is looking for the right files.

7. My ingame 2D UI looks messed up.

This is a known issue. Currently the issue happens only sporadically and usually with an improper setup. Make sure that the command line switches for the shortcut have the game running in the right resolution for your screen.

8. The Lilith is BS. What the hell is wrong with that thing?

The Lilith is pretty terrifying. Since it's so tough, it may be a good idea to take down its' beam with bombers instead of going for the kill.

9. What are those blue percentages next to my ships?

Those indicate the subspace drive recharge of the craft. Different ships recharge at different rates. Destroyers take two and a half minutes to fully charge, while fighters and bombers can jump again in about a minute.

10. I found a bug/issue! What do I do about it?

There are a couple known issues with the game that are being worked on. If you find an error, get a crash, or find problems, make a post about it and it will be rolled in to the next patch.

11. When can I get the next patch?

Testing patches in development may be posted from time to time. These will have special instructions in order to be applied.


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