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Fleet Command v4 Sneak Peak

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Version 4 of Fleet Command is moving ahead, full steam. Things like afterburners and shields have been implemented, adding a new layer to the dynamic of fighter engagements. The port to the new engine is more or less complete!

However, the team is looking for help to accomplish our vision of the ultimate FS2 strategy experience. If you have experience with scripting, model converting, or VFX work, feel free to PM us. We can get a release out a lot sooner if we share the load.

For now, enjoy these screenshots. More news will be put out when additional components of the game come online.

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V4 continues to undergo refinements! A few gamebreaking holdovers from v3 have been fixed, along with adding some new features and options.

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Would just like to poke this old pilot's nose in here and say that I am hella excited. I only recently picked up Homeworld Remastered, as I never played the originals back in the day, and I have some trouble running the HW2 version to run smoothly, so I'm stoked about this updated release.


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