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After months of hard work and lots of love, I am proud to show you the alpha version of Freespace: Fleet Command v4 for testing. The dev team has been playing around with this for a bit as private item in the Steam Workshop, but this is intended to be a more public stress test for the game. 

This game is NOT FINISHED and may not work correctly. Unlike v3 which had months of trial & error testing, v4 has not had that experience yet. I encourage those who try it to keep an open mind about issues which may crop up. Post any issues you find here, so we can tackle the issues before the formal steam release. Also, because the Remastered engine is still in active development, future patches can easily break the way the game functions, so no future proof support for this particular version is possible.

And again, the team is looking for someone who is comfortable with 3DS Max and has a basic knowledge of UV mapping.

Also, any cool screenshots are definitely encouraged.

Second Shivan Incursion.

Play as Terrans.
Expert Shivans!

Lion at the Door map.

First up focus on getting a couple resource bases going. Fortunately there are lots of resources.

Get awacs going, place near middle of the map. Nice new AWACS research abilities! See massive Shivan wing approaching, panic a bit as i have no fighters. Notice they all die from the red nebula patch near the knossos. Sweet!

Build few defensive wings of fighters. Figure four wings of myrms, two of perseuses should be enough. Build three herc2 wings to attack shivan resourcing.

Massive shivan bomber wing approaches. Half get destroyed by red nebula. I send myrms and perses to intercept ten or so wings of bombers. Suddenly pirahnas everywhere! lots of dying pilot screams.

Send herc2 wings in to die against shivan bombers.

Surviving bomber wings wipe out my hecate with torpedoes.

10/10 would play again.

(I notice vasudan AWACS don't show the offensive/defensive modules as built after researching AWACS II/III like their terran counterparts. Other than that, no other game play issues with terrans or vasudans. I also notice some seams in the starfield skybox)

That's awesome. Glad you had fun with it!

The Vasudan AWACS upgrades were indeed totally broken- they've been fixed. Good catch, thanks!

The newest update to HW:R caused all mods to not work anymore
"Access Violation".

I'd love to play and test the mod, but... yeah, I can't.

The new update fix is almost out. The Steam version has continued to be in active development and the closed beta there continues. If you are interested in playing & testing that version, add me on steam: darkhorse72. FSFCv4 is available that way in the Steam Workshop before a full public release.


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