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Renegade Paladin:
Renegade Paladin
Accent/Description: American Midwestern, deep voice
Past Experience: GTC Duke and GTL Fortune in the Blue Planet Director's Cut.  Extensive experience with singing and stage acting, professional musician.
Samples: <- Not really a serious line; I just recorded it to have a longer sample.  The statement is absolutely true, though.   :D

Edit:  Updated samples, eleven years later.  I have a better recording rig and a house to myself now, so I can be less... restrained.

Sir Helm

Neutral English (Canadian)
Male - Mid 30's  Mid level voice.
Did Lt Cmdr Bill Trainor for EACW
Samples:  can e-mail upon request


Accent/Description: American Southeastern, mid- to deep-level voice.
Past Experience: None in Freespace. Previous experience with stage acting and unrelated voiceacting.
Current Work: Auditioning for a spot on the cast of Blue Planet. (All current samples have been taken from said campaign.)

BP - Admiral Bosch Impression
BP - Chasing the GTC Duke
BP - Bass Version of the Aforementioned
BP - Breaking Pitch in the Heat of Battle
BP - Cannae Take It Any More, Cap'n
BP - Being Myself
BP - Renjian
BP - Return to Base
BP - What's Our Vector, Victor

Every time I try to's just too big!
OK, I'll try again in reverse...

Community Theater actor....USMC radioman...American mid-toned
Using Audacity and its many wonders
Gimme a line and I'll do an audition
Can also get me at [email protected]

What did he mean about an A-cup weapon?

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Forgive the instrusions but can you please UL the files somewhere instead of attaching them to posts? Attachments are very limited on HLP.


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