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Gaming Discussion / Re: Descent: Underground on Kickstarter
« Last post by Sushi on October 18, 2018, 06:28:08 pm »
Meanwhile, Overload released a level pack DLC. Very "Levels of the World" style. :) And it continues to be awesome.

I continue to be upset that people are going to be suckered into buying this crap instead.
Zombieblonde is best girl.

Zombie x Drunk'n'Drugs x Mentally disturbed. How many games have such a complex characterdesign. Awesome.
FS2 Open Coding - The Source Code Project (SCP) / Re: The new lab
« Last post by Spoon on October 18, 2018, 05:44:58 pm »
Couple of months later, still nothing?

The E, what gives?
The FreeSpace Upgrade Project / Re: MediaVPs 3.8 Discussion Thread
« Last post by Nightmare on October 18, 2018, 04:18:15 pm »
Minor bug report:
-The SSG Rahu has turret03 and backb as LOD1 and LOD2; debris-backa00 and debris-backa01 would AFAIK have to be part of the debris LOD to work as live debris. Also I'm not sure whether all paths properly link to subsystem - in particular turret01 and 02 are named differently.

-I noticed that mv_assets_s-shp.tbm tries to add several missile turrets as primary turrets ($Default PBanks:   ( "Piranha#Shivan" )). Viewing the tbl entry, it appears that this bug was already carried over from retail. The turrets instead all contain various primary weapons. :confused:
FS2 Open Tools / Re: PUBLIC BETA: Knossos 0.13.3 (combined launcher/installer)
« Last post by nevar777 on October 18, 2018, 04:05:49 pm »
Ok so the versions I'm running are as follows:

knossos 12.4 (because my first attempt at this was with 13.2 and it gave me the finger)
base FSO 3.8.0-3
Freespace port 1.0.0
FS Port MediaVPs 3.7.2

Also Freespace 2 (basic FSO update) crashed with the same error.
« Last post by woutersmits on October 18, 2018, 02:21:15 pm »
bryan see read skype
i cant run on my laptop
FS2 Open Tools / Re: PUBLIC BETA: Knossos 0.13.3 (combined launcher/installer)
« Last post by wookieejedi on October 18, 2018, 01:46:01 pm »
Firstly a big thankyou for your help, and wow the game I loved 20 years ago lives again....buuut

I changed my HUD colour and got this (attached) how do I fix this as the game now won't run (who'd have thought changing HUD colour would have triggered this).

Hitting debug would step me through the game up to the command briefing, but then it would pause at the game itself and then not run (all the while putting that error box up and stepping through each scene change).

I will say though bugs n all this is incredible work (cockpit mod would be nice but in reading I don't think there are any reliable mods for this).

Were you using a mod or playing regular Freespace 2? Also, what FSO build are you using?
« Last post by Bryan See on October 18, 2018, 01:42:18 pm »
bryan see any updates
and please read skype stop dkipping me
yeach sorry guys theres no another way
Yes, @Woutersmits. I've retooled the demo into a small multi-branch campaign of 7 missions in total. It may run from 2 to 4 missions depending on the path chosen. It may even include a capship command mission(!) in which players control the SC Raguel cruiser.

I'm gonna send you the updated demo because I need to meet that December 6 deadline. By that date, I'll upload it to Knossos.

BTW, there's a ModDB page.
General Discussion / Re: W-H-I-Y-L - boom shake-shake shake the-room.
« Last post by StarSlayer on October 18, 2018, 01:29:13 pm »
That moment when you've been going back and forth with MSFT support trying to get some Azure assets migrated and you realize you could have just recreated the VM, installed the client's accounting software and restored a backup of their data by now...

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