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Good Morning to you all,  I am so glad to find this wonderful game.  I have been looking for something new to try.  Is there a list or manual with the controls listed anywhere?  The reason I ask is I had a stroke a few months back and my therapist as part my rehabilitation was to play games.  I was fortunate  that I was not affected physically but as result I suffer from Asphasia.  It is the ability to express my thoughts with the correct words when speaking.  Something you don't normally think about when talking to others.  :confused: The specialist said that it will help me re-wire the brain and will help the Asphasia fade into the background.  Its going to be a slow process.
I used to a lot CFS and other flying games, but now the graphics are dated and my XP machine is on it's last leg.  I only kept this machine to keep playing.  I have a PS3 and many games, but now they have become frustrating and they are all the same shooters and racing.  :banghead: They really do not allow me to think like flying used to.  I am hoping something new will help.

Thank you

If you press F2 it'll take you to an options menu; look for where it says 'controls' (it should be around the bottom-right of the screen, but it's been a while since I played) and it'll take you to a list of all the keybindings.
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