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Endymion class space station
I just downloaded the Endymion class space station, can this station be added to Diaspora R1? I'm looking for a station that is similar to Ragnar Ancorage for my mission that I'm  creating.

Re: Endymion class space station
For custom made missions you can put custom assets in the ships/maps/tables folders in your games directory. 
However I don't think we would ever officially add assets to R1 that are not specifically 'Battlestar Galactica' related.


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Re: Endymion class space station
We can't add it to R1 but there is no reason you shouldn't make your own mod for Diaspora and include the station there. What you should do is make a folder Diaspora/<Your Mod Name>. You then add a Data folder to that and treat that as if it was the Diaspora/Data folder (Include your mission and all the assets you add). Then in the launcher you should choose <Your Mod Name> in the mods section. Funnily enough this is exactly how we got started making Beyond the Red Line over 10 years ago. It was originally a FS2 mod. :)

When you're ready to release you can either make a VP file of that folder or simply make a zip file of it.
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Re: Endymion class space station
As stoked as I am to see people using the Endymion, it's very, very Freespacey - its design and textures are both meant to invoke the Arcadia as much as possible, and the distinct blue colour would probably stand out very, very obviously in Diaspora. While there aren't really any mods that quite fit the BSG aesthetic outside of Diaspora yet, there are a few that might fit slightly better - the Europa, Comet, Bretonia or Aeglos might fit the bill, although I'm not sure precisely what you need in terms of size, capabilities etc.

The Europa in particular, being modular and a ring-station, might be your best bet to generate something ragnar looking.
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Re: Endymion class space station
How exactly do I add this station to Diaspora? and I also downloaded the MarkII Viper as well, how do I add it to Diaspora?