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B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-

...After fourteen years.. BREAKING NEWS !!

First off, I’m not recommending, or even suggesting that you download this. This is just a FYI type of thing, as some B5 fans might find it of interest, and since news of this will break eventually, you may as well read it here as anywhere else….. "

Babylon 5 Into the Fire was a space combat simulator similar in design to the Wing Commander franchise. It would feature 3D Space combat- ranging from Dog fighting to capital ship-to-ship engagements whilst supplementing the story with FMV clips recorded on the set of the series using the actors and actresses from Babylon 5.
The music was composed by Christopher Franke and would utilize a full orchestral score both composed exclusively for the game alongside tracks from the series complete run.
The game was sadly canceled mere months before it's expected release.
This is the Pre-Alpha demo alongside the Combat Alpha Demo which were both featured at E3 '99.

"The Babylon 5 Space Combat Simulator begins on the third anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance — two years after the end of Season 5. Aside from one brief conflict with the Centauri Republic early in its first year, ISA President John Sheridan has delivered on his promise to keep the peace among its member worlds."
"But behind the scenes, away from the bright lights of news hover-cams, trouble is brewing. Races that have been at peace during the last two years are starting to fight over borders and the rights to new technologies. Random attacks on shipping lanes are growing in number. There are troubling reports of powerful, unidentified warships near the rim. It could be nothing at all—paranoia because things have been going along so well? Or it could be exactly what it looks like... trouble."

More Info..


In order to get the game running on modern systems you must run “B5.exe” in Windows XP Compatibility mode (Service pack 2) and open up the “B5.ini” file contained with in the disk image. Scroll down to [Video] Fullscreen=1 and change the text to Fullscreen=0.
Once you have saved the file simply run “B5.exe” and the game will run.

To fix the graphical error upon loading simply turn your ship to the right until you pass the Brakiri starship, Jumpgate and Omega class Destroyer. Once past the ships rotate left- passing the craft again and the graphical bug will have corrected it's self.

To change ships, close the game and once again open “B5.ini” and scroll down to
[Application] PlayerFighter1=StarFury and chance the text to NarnFighter, CentauriFighter, Thunderbolt or RaiderFighter. Once you have saved the file simply run “B5.exe” and you will be piloting a difference craft.


I am in no way affiliated to TheFirstOnes, Babylonia Productions, Warner Brothers, TNT (The Bastards) The Sci-Fi channel or Sierra Studios.  All rights reserved to their respective owners
To whom ever originally obtained this disk I thank you with all my heart, I take no credit in discovering this playable Demo.



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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
...Well, there's one of those things I never expected to see.
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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!- do we crack it open and get all this stuff into TBP. :p

EDIT: Hang on a sec, this seems to be from a couple of years back and is only a demo. Worth a try I suppose though.

Pity the thread is so old or else we should tell them to get over here. :)
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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
Very interesting! I was really wondering why some of these cancelled projects never appear on the web. Quite unfinished, so maybe they cancelled it because it just was too far behind in development. The Wiki talks about cancelled shortly before release date, but if the game was almost finished by then, I guess we would have gotten that version leaked and not an alpha. Which reminds me of HL2 and the sad state it was in when it was being leaked!

Anyway, I think in the meantime TBP does everything as good if not better! Only some original sound files or music pieces might be worth salvaging. If you will do something like this at all due to possible legal reasons. Speaking of which, are any future releases of the TBP and Zathras planned to benefit from the Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen hype? I think Zathras 2.8 has been ready and stable for a long time, why not finally put it on the front page?
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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
Ah... i think i played this Alpha years ago, because a friend of mine found and bought a Into the Fire CD with Promotion Images, Videos and playable missions, years ago on eBay.

Ah, i wish there is a version with the actual FMVs in it ;). That would be the real treasure... because the fmvs were filmed completely afaik back then and since then they rot somewhere in a dark cave in archives from Warner Bros. or Activision :D.
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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
Ivanova. ....fnnnnnnnn.


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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
Ah, i wish there is a version with the actual FMVs in it ;). That would be the real treasure...

Yeah! If these would turn up, maybe someone could ask JMS if they could be used to recreate the ITF campaign using TBP. This would  probably breath some life back into this rather dead looking project. Speaking of which, how about releasing Zathras 2.8 on the frontpage or a DVD version 2.0?


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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
Sod "maybe" ask JMS... someone "SHOULD" ask JMS! :D

If they did voice acting for it, if someone could get their hands on that for a TBP campaign, that would be awesome as well.
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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
Does anyone know how to extract the .res archives to look what is inside e.g. in the audio.res file?


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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
It seems that Firedrop took over Cloudstor and the new working link is
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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-
Does a mod have the ability to update the first post by any chance?
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Re: B5 Into the Fire ALPHA 21/09/99 - Playable!!-