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FS2H: A Halo Total Conversion Mod for FS2

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I've been developing a Halo mod for FS2 for the last few years, mostly as a hobby. Please check out my work over at and support Freespace 2 mods!

Links to hosted News about FS2H

NEW 4-11-07

Dark Hunter:

I must say: wow. This is incredible work, from what I've seen from your posts. I'm really looking forward to playing this one!

Heh, Spartan_214 is gonna love this...  :D

Admiral Nelson:
Yes, its very impressive for a one man show....  :yes:

I just noticed:

--- Quote ---Currently I have 62 ships modeled, textured, flying and shooting at one another. The models pale in comparison to, let’s say, Infinityloop’s Pillar of Autumn. Freespace 2, being an older game, can’t handle but a few thousand polygons per ship. The level of detail is less than modern games. But the point of the game is to have fun, not just ogle a great looking model, right?
--- End quote ---

62 ships?? *boggle*

Unknown Target:
Looks interesting :) Although I might add that Freespace 2 can handle many, many polygons, even up in the hundreds of thousands if you use detail boxes.

Getter Robo G:
I would register there, but the forum format looks horribly outdated (thread trees went out in the 90's didn't they?)  ;)

Seems he know about Open now, hopefully some of the lower poly models will get reworked to take advantage of the upgraded limits.


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