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Hah... I haven't seen any hiring thread so I'm posting this one :P

Can I join your team?

I'm experianced FREDer, weapon creator, tabler I can also modify some existing effects.
Now I'm working in Inferno Alliance Team, Gundam Seed Team, I've got also two other projects: Earth Defence and Apocalypse III.

I've seen your work, Shiv. Nice stuff!

However, until I get a little further, I'm going to continue solo. Not forever, mind you. I, too, have real life responsibilities, and I know that it often takes someone else's point of view to make a great story. FS2H has been my hobby for the last year, and it has since become obsession. My vision for this project was to crank it out until I was unable to take it further. Then I was going to sort of "give" it to the HLP community and have it redone and rerealized by people with much more modding experience than myself. But before then, I will be asking for help with it.

So, in a nutshell: sure, I'd love to work with you guys. But give me a little time to finish what I've started first, then I'll team up. And besides, you've got to complete your own projects, so use this time to polish what you have now. Rest assured I'll call out to the community for aid the moment I turn this solo project public.  :yes:

And I am indeed flattered that you want in. Like I said, give me some time and sure! The same goes to anyone else who'd like to join me. I suppose this thread could be used for such a purpose.

SO! If you want in the project later, write a post like Shiv's and we'll see where it all goes!

So if you'll need help you'll tell me, right? :)

Of course  :)

Whoa HLP hosting :yes:


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