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Hey all! Guess who's hosted?!
Okay, this is just for chatting until my forum is up. See my sig or avatar. Let me know what you think.
FS1 is BACK!

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Revisit the Great War at The Freespace-Freespace 2 Port Project

I can't wait for this to be completed.  Of course, I could always spend the ten bucks on fs1 packeged with ST myself...but, who knows when I'll be going back to the mall.  Actualy, I'm suprised HLP is hosting this project with the possible legal issues...but hey, I'm not complaining.  

just get an installer that looks to make sure FS1 is installed (and maybe coppys some files like CB anis)

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dunno why, I'm really getting sick of that "schw33t" thing...

Okay then.


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