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Release: Between The Ashes [UPDATED 6th of August 2022]

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Updated to 1.7.1


* Minor bugfixes to fighterm script
* Ensure missile notify brackets are removed with HUD is off
* Fix issues with in mission jump script causing players ship to keep turning briefly
* Add feature that marks some messages as INTERCEPTED and update missions to use the feature
* Remove special background from The Texas Seven's briefing that caused a strange ui bug
* Fix for newsroom's entry list scrolling buttons being out of place
* Update scpui elements to use backgrounds based on the selected campaign

Updated to 1.7.2

* Hotfix that resolves background issue for scpui backgrounds
* Fix for system map showing the incorrect map when launched from the C.Briefing or Briefing game states
* Re-enable mission dates (brieftitle) and system viewer access in the Briefing game state
* Internal changes in handling newsroom game state to allow for additional custom game states in the future

Updated to 1.7.3

* Translatable System Viewer
* Translatable Newsroom
* Ensure both System Map and Newsroom properly return to previous game state on exit
* Fix HoL wing ramming the station in The Will To Act
* Rename empty turrets to Torpedo Tube in Going Out With A Bang
* Various minor bugfixes to fighterm, flashlight, mainhall-notice, and mark scripts
* Unify Alt Subsystem Names with XSTRs
* Add XSTRs to all SCPUI interfaces
* Add and implement Turret Renamer script

Updated to 1.7.4

* Re-Enable In-Game FSO Options to allow the player to change graphics settings directly in the F2 menu
* NOTE: This may require re-setting some of your preferences there instead of the command line
* Fully implemented mod options
* Ability to toggle Easter Eggs on and off
* Ability to set font size multiplier
* Ability to toggle debugging options specific to BtA
* Ability to toggle Lafiel's HUD Icons on and off
* Translatable terminal sequence in The Texas Seven
* Various script bugfixes
* Remove one custom keybind and merge the existing one into another
* Add Lafiel's HUD Icons script
* Add missing nameplates, especially for Canberra class ships
* Convert all mission files to the newer 22.2.0 format and require 22.2.0 or greater FSO build


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