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RELEASE: The Battle of Neptune

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I only beat the mission on easy, but I tinkered with it on medium a bit, furthest I got was the bomber assault on the Hecate.
Realizing the danger the Kent poses, I took Trebs with me, but even after highlighting them I maged to take down one, maybe two at range.
All Balors in the Erinyes does not do enough damage fast enough, so I took a Balors and Kaysers, even with weapons energy lowered, this gives you enough damage to take down the Uhlans and Kents with ease.
But having a Kent evade a Treb.... holy, what is the lofetime of that missile? :D
I realy like the odds the Tevs face. Two Karunas and a four Sanctus' and I havent even watched if the two Diomedes actually get to use their beams.
Fun thing it was to see Simms and Karen, although those two managed to jump out.

Spoiler: Oh, and is the main beam of the Meridian forced to be destroyed?
What did force the Tevs off the field in the end? Another massed Durga strike or was the Toutatis coming?

Dilmah G:
Ooft! Yeah, the GTVA fighter pilots definitely have their work cut out for them in this one!

The ol' Kayser/Balor combo works a treat for sure. Honestly, the Kent is just objectively a bad time no matter what you're flying. :lol: Spoiler:The best way I found to deal with them is to equip Tempests and go to manual throttle control once you're dogfighting with one. When they try and out-turn you, chop the throttle to nil and pull as hard into the Kent as you can - that should allow you to momentarily beat its rate of turn and hose it with Kayser/Balor fire and Tempest spam, which can make those valuable seconds you're able to hit it count. Generally with 2-3 passes (or one if you're really lucky!) you can blow it back to Mars!

This engagement is a great one to showcase where the strengths and weaknesses of each side are at the start of the war. The UEF warships largely get torn to smithereens by beam cannons once they close, but their gauss cannons and torpedo launchers have the capacity to just tear GTVA warships out from about twice their beam range. On the flip-side, as you no doubt found out, UEF fighters outclass GTVA fighters by several orders of magnitude. Glad you enjoyed the shout out to our favourite Martians!

In terms of the Meridian's main beam - if you decide to disarm CruRon Alpha's gauss cannons/help destroy them quickly, it can actually survive quite a while. If you let CruRon A live for any extended period of time, their gauss cannons will destroy that beam cannon very quickly. Again, one of the main advantages the UEF have is their ability to disarm GTVA ships from afar.

In terms of why they withdraw, in particular it's the loss of the Arabella to the last wave of gunships/bombers. But compounding that is the fact that by that point, the Meridian has generally taken heavy damage with staggering amounts of casualties, and the fighter screen has been whittled right back. My reading of the lore is that Calder was unwilling to commit the Toutatis at this point. In any case, Happy New Year!

Just have to say that this is very well done, incredibly challenging but satisfyingly so. Also well done with the checkpoints, definitely placed in good intervals throughout the mission. I honestly thought it would be easy as a GTVA pilot, I mean no anti fighter beams or cap beams to worry about from the UEF. UEF fighters though absolutely outmatch their GTVA counterparts. This just makes me wish for a campaign as a GTVA pilot during the war, so as to contrast WiH.

Spoiler:I was hoping that maybe a Narayana would have shown up at some point, kind of how it is in the original mission from all those years ago. Would have been interesting to see the Meridian's reaction to that ship, maybe even believing it to be the UEF's destroyer class, as I don't believe they know about the Solaris at this point.

Dilmah G:
Cheers, glad you enjoyed it! As far as a GTVA campaign in the WiH-verse goes, you might be getting your wish in the coming year...;)

Spoiler:That's very true. If I ever do another version of the mission I may drop one of those in!

Colonol Dekker:


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