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ba.createOrientation --> ba.newOrientation
ba.createVector --> ba.newVector

Both types are fundamentally different from the other FS2 lua types, because the data is stored on a per-instance basis. All the other create functions return a handle to that object in memory. Thus comparisons on those handles will check to see if they point to the same thing - comparisons on a data type will check to see if they are equivalent. And so on and so forth.

camera.Self --> camera.Host

Because I used "host" for the SEXPs, and I like it better than "Self", which already has a significant scripting meaning.

Really, these are minor changes, but I wanted to know if these would cause any trouble (and let people know about them) before they go into SVN. I will give scripting another going-over sometime soon and see if there are any other functions I want to change.


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Hmm.. well it will break most of the scripts i have released (as most use vectors). But if you consider those changes to be important then go ahead.
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that works, a simple replace in notepad++ should fix my scripts in a flash. i can tell you how many times i mispelled create though :D
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