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Iain Baker:

--- Quote from: Stardust on February 25, 2022, 09:36:39 pm ---Not FSO, but still freespace.

Got back into Inferno: Nostos, and it inspired me to revisit the Hecate-class I'd rendered out of Lego a while back. Did up a modded/symmetrical Orion as inspiration, and then to further that, tossed together a quick render of a Hecate pulling a fast one on an Orion. Enjoy!

--- End quote ---

Bloody awesome mate. You should consider sharing it on here:

They post models - including legos - of popular sci-fi franchises  :)

A Brick FreeSpace TC should be possible then.

Finally FreeSpace is able to get a USK 0 instead of the USK 12 rating of the original or even the USK 16 rating from the "Dimension Pack Collector's Edition"  :D

Thanks guys!

For fun, I did up some pretty renders of the ships I HAVE managed to recreate with lego. So far, I have a Hecate, a a GTD Sirona, and... one that started as a GTD Boreas/Preliator. But while I like the look and feel of the Boreas, I've never liked the engine block. By the same token, I DO like the engine block on the Hecate, streamlined and cut down a bit, so I put the two together.

I'd try my hand at some Vasudan or Shivan ships, but the hard angles and points are very difficult to recreate. Still, never say never...

I can make the plans available for anyone who is interested in trying to build them.

Shivan Hunter:
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Just a lil screenshot :)

Now that's a wallpaper worthy screenshot.


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