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3.6.18 Multiplayer Setup, Schedule, and other Info V0.9 CURRENT AS OF Aug 19TH

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I hope there's a couple around, they'll be excited about my current side project maybe ;)


--- Quote from: StarLegend on December 28, 2012, 06:21:04 am ---I wonder if any oldskool boys from squadwars are around, would be fun to fly few rounds again :)

--- End quote ---
Ello Star ;)
I'm still around, Gladi is probably the only other SW vet that flies, though BD has set his system up so he can fly too now I think... ;x

Hi, I'm new to FS2 and just got the game from GOG.

I want to play online and followed the instructions correctly I think, in PXO there is only 1 channel called Eleh. Does that sound like I've done everything right?

When are people online?

Thanks  :)

If you got on to the lobby you're most of the way there, final check would probably be to make sure you're using both the right version of the EXE (either the most current nightly, or the most current stable release, realistically) and that you definitely have port 7808 open if you want to host or host on stand alones servers (meaning; joining a server with 0 players to 'start' a game).

Playing times are a tiny bit random, you may find games in the week, you may not. You will most probably find games on the EU evening-early morning time period, and most especially on fridays and saturdays.
I've been ridiculously busy with real life(tm) the last couple months so I haven't been around enough to even know the true answer to that question right now, but multi is at the quietest it's been since I returned to these forums (4 years?), hoping there will be new life at some point, you may be able to muster people up to play with via a forum thread or on #hard-light on irc. There are people out there who want to play at least semi-regularly, trust me.

I'm still getting used to hard-light myself, and I'd be interested in multiplayer as well. IRL I'm working on my Computer Engineering degree so I'll be on and off during the week possibly. When Summer hits I'll try to get on all the time :)


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