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3.6.18 Multiplayer Setup, Schedule, and other Info V0.9 CURRENT AS OF Aug 19TH

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I'm very interested in getting in on some multiplayer. I've replayed this game every 1-2 years since it came out but have never played multiplayer.

Everything you've stated here does not work at all for me. The first problem with this whole system is there are like 2-3 different "DO THIS" pages floating around here. Each one says something different. The second thing is all of your files look a lot different than mine and I downloaded everything from here. This is why this game never reached a lot of players after it was canned because it's too complicated to get everything running.

Well, first of all, as long as someone can host successfully, joining a game isn't usually all that hard.  Shouldn't involve messing with routers or anything like that, just having the mod installed correctly.  Hosting is another issue though, I'll admit, and UPnP, if/when it gets merged, might help with that.

What needs to be done to get it merged?

I just need somebody to link me the actual stuff I need to read to get this up and running. Like I said, my files look different (old) compared to what I'm seeing on these tutorials. And I've downloaded everything linked from this website.


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