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A Freespace based Browsergame (ingame Language is german)

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Guess many of you guys thought about a browsergame based on freespace.
As i searched for it in the Forums, i found some projects, but they never got realised.
But there is such a browsergame, its called Drifting Souls 2.

It is a pretty unique Browsergame, with some rly interesting features:
-it is more than 10 years old, and since then it's running without a reset.
-roundbased with a unique way to fight in battles (you can tell every ship on which target it has to fire, and what weapon it shall use for it)
-the gameplay is a mix between commanding your own civilisation and writing RPG.
-the players write the story of the game, and they may even have influence on the game development.
-it is totally fanmade, and the current team is composed of players.
-it has a small, nearly family like community, but new players are allways welcome, and get integrated rather fast, especially if they show up in our IRC channel.

Ofc Drifting Souls has its downsided, especially for new players:
-it is pretty slow, and building up your empire takes a lot of time, where you wont do much except waiting for money and ress (but this is only a problem if you want to do it all by yourself, alliances help you a lot shortening that time, and even without them, if you are in the IRC you will get help from the older players)
-as i said, the community is pretty small, and this may result in low action (but its getting better, this month there was a new reccord in new players for Drifting Souls)
-the language of the game is german (as this is an english speaking community, i consider it a downside)

The current team is working on hard for the game, and there are some really interesting features in work.

I hope i can reach some people out there, searching for a freespace based browsergame.

But my english isn't good enough to describe the game in all its facetes, so if you are interested you may consider coming to our IRC Channel either by using this link:

Channel: #ds2

or just connecting to it via another IRC programm.

The home page looks pretty solid, but I can't speak any German. Make sure to let your developers know that they did a good job.  It's hard for something to last ten years.

Whoa, everyone, you've just got to check out these pictures:

There's more than that in the gallery BTW.

That is so gloriously awesome. I especially love the one with that Orion model on the table.

I would have definitely checked this thing out seriously if I could speak German.

You know that you need to take a look on the DS2-Screen gallery to see pictures of the actual gameplay.

The game it's very menu orientated and the start up phase is tenacious.

I played it several years ago but i wasn't patient enough, but nowadays i trhink it can make fun.

Luis Dias:


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