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I finished my FreeSpace 2 video!!!

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It was one of the big challenges in writing it. There's so much to cover. The diaspora minivid was originally part of the script, but I decided to move it to its own thing.

In the end the reason I focused on FS1, 2 and Silent Threat Reborn because I think it's the best 'canon' experience but also showcases how the community created content is a really important part of what Freespace is now without also tangenting into a billion other things. I seriously considered bringing in Blue Planet too for example and it would have just...gone all over the place.

So the thinking was like. In my opinion, what is the 'core' story of Freespace and that's what I settled on. What would I put at the center where everything else spirals out from. And those three campaigns are what I settled on.

Its an interpretation specific to me for sure, but the video is called Freespace 2 is *my* Favorite Game for a reason haha.

I watch a lot of essays on Youtube. Yours is good. A very fine piece of work.

Enough said.

Aw thanks! I'm really proud of how it turned out. I really do need to get around to making more video essays.

I decided to add this to my audiobook rotation and recently listened to the whole thing (having previously only watched the part about ST:R).  Even audio-only, it was very well done. :yes:


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