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Weird Freespace dreams

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I had another one. In this dream, I was playing some weird version of TIE Fighter, and I was flying a TIE Defender, but the enemies were Shivans. They also had weird looking fighters unlike the ones in the game (but they were still called Scorpion class). The Shivans and the Rebel Alliance were both attacking us at once but were also hostile to each other. At one point the Rebels were using a GTC Fenris cruiser, that I guess they got from the GTVA, although for some reason it was labeled as a Cain class ingame. I remember that our objective was to defend a few transports from both the Rebels and Shivans, and it seemed overwhelming, but in the end we succeeded.

And another one, this actually had two different parts. The first one was more like a mission briefing than an actual mission, the story was that a GTVA expedition was exploring a newly discovered system, but long-range sensors had detected a Sathanas in the system. The expedition only had an Orion, an Aeolus, and an Arcadia installation for some reason (in terms of large ships/stations), so they had sent some ships to the jump node to evacuate, while the Orion and Aeolus were waiting around the installation for scattered parts of the expedition to meet up with them and then proceed with the evacuation. The Arcadia had been abandoned and rigged with explosives and a remote self-destruct trigger, in hopes that if the Sathanas got too close to it, they could blow it up and cause some damage. The dream also had a part where I was trying to make the mission in FRED and trying to decide at what distance and angle the Sathanas would appear, etc.

The second part was a completely unrelated mission, that I was actually playing this time. I don't remember what kind of ship I was flying, but I know it was some kind of mod as, like my earlier dream, it also involved Star Wars ships and weapons, as well as some other assets that weren't from the Freespace or Star Wars universes (I couldn't tell you what they were, though). My ship had Star Wars style lasers as a primary weapon and two types of missiles, both heat seeking: First were these small green missiles that would fire in pairs and I had a lot of them, next was a type of swarm missile that fired in a group of 4 or more, but took a while to reload. I remember that I was fighting enemies identified as "Super Zeus" class fighters, but they looked like Apollos and were supposedly Shivan. I was also fighting the Millennium Falcon at one point, and it had some weird abilities: First, a missile turret that also fired a swarm missile, but more powerful than the one I had, and secondly, it seemed to have the ability to regenerate its health in bursts (I would get it down to 1% and then it would suddenly jump to around 17%, etc.) but this was a limited ability and I eventually destroyed it. Then after the Super Zeus fighters were taken care of, there were some Shivan bombers at long range (these actually looked Shivan but weren't a canon design, they were supposed to be from another mod or something) and while I was fighting those, there was a supernova warning, but I kept fighting because there were over 300 seconds before it hit. Then suddenly it seemed that I lost track of time and there were only 25 seconds or so left, so I jumped out and made it (I remember seeing the third-person perspective of my ship jumping out, but I still don't remember what it looked like).

I just had one where I was flying in a nebula (I forget what kind of ship I was flying) but then I flew out of the nebula into normal space (there was a boundary that marked the edge of the nebula - can this be a real feature please?) and there were a bunch of Shivan cruisers, fighters, and bombers that my wingmen and I took down, but some of the Shivan bombers were weird - looking (they looked sort of like Medusas, and were grey instead of red and black). I remember that I was doing a lot of interception of Shivan bombs. Then a giant Vasudan fleet jumped in, and there was some sort of map showing hundreds of ships in a large area, divided into four factions: Terrans, Shivans, Vasudans, and Civilians/Pirates? I think. The area was so crowded that ships were bumping into each other all the time, and there were some cargo containers that we were supposed to scan, but they got destroyed before I could.

I had another one, this time I was making a mission. I was trying to create a mission set during the FS2 campaign that used the spacehunk object, in a way I thought it would originally have been used.

It took place after the destruction of the first Sathanas, where your objective was to scan its wreckage to gain more info about it. The chunk was put in the middle of a small Shivan debris field to represent the rest of the debris, and it was obviously scannable. But I didn't know all of the details of the mission in the dream, so I was then testing it.

I flew over to the wreckage and scanned it, but then a transport with escort fighters jumped in, and there was some dialogue, with command saying they weren't supposed to be in the area, but they said they represented a planet in the Capella system and they wanted to claim the wreckage of the Sathanas for themselves as a status symbol or something. So the transport tried to dock with the piece of wreckage to tow it away (that was why it had a dockpoint), and I was ordered to fire warning shots to warn them off. However, the transport (an Argo, I think) had shields for some reason, and when I fired on it, its escorts started shooting me.

Then I was building the mission again, and the transport was programmed to dock with the debris chunk and jump out if you didn't stop it.

Trivial Psychic:
You can be both creator, and character, and still not know WTF is going on. :lol:


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