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err..............forget it.............i'll just make it from scratch........a brand new mission with my own style

find a mission that ghostavo posted somewhere...
i think kara posted it somewhere also...
just look at the mission...
there is supposed to be more traffic than that...


Campaign 1

Campaign 1 is a GTVA verses reminants of the NTF campaign. The plot was designed by Black Wolf. The campaign requires a few simple mods which you can find here

FRED Version : Retail.

Staff : Akalabeth Angel, Fergus, and Freespacegundam. Ghostavo was on the staff for this team but has now quit so I've unassigned his mission. (Ghostavo has been Replaced by Willy_Principal)

Plotline : (Hidden in spoiler tags so as to not give it away. Just highlight to see it).

Spoiler: Mission 1 - (Previously ASSIGNED to Ghostavo, now assigned to Willy_Principal) - NTR (Neo Terran Remnant) have been raiding cargo depots in the Polaris system. Intel has pinpointed several likely future targets, and has rotating shifts watching them. Your squadron (luckily enough) happens to be there when the NTF make their move.
This mission is ready and complete. You can download it from here, you'll need some MODs to play it, which come joint in the package:


Any chance of a sticky on this one like I requested?

ask goober :D
he should be benevolent for first few days of his regime...
wonder if ill ever become a bloody admin here


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