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Finally it is done.
You can get it from here

*The next time I come round, I post up certain points in the mission, that were meant for the player only.
*Consistently "winnable" on medium difficulty
* Normally, I write down problems that I had when making the mission in the "Designer Notes section in Mission Specs.

Have a look, and hopefully enjoy it as well. 

You might want to check this:

If the pollux is destroyed you never get the message to get back home.

If the HQ is destroyed, you should make the mission end with another message also to evacuate, I know this one is a little imposible but it can happen.

And maybe something you can check when you have some free time:
Make the dialogues a little shorter, so the players do not have to stop to read them while engaging the shivans.
Make the mission a little more longer, maybe you can put the ravana further away or move the Sobek so that you have time to deploy 1 or 2 more wings of shivan fighters for the player to hunt.
(noticed that the mission is supposed to be placed at the ending of the battle which it is almost won, but you can also make this one a little harder)

And finally but, not less important, you must add the objectives, and make a D-Brief.

Hope I was of some help ^^


Yup, thanks for your comments Rodo, I tried to fix the majority of your problems.  :D

The fixed-up version can be downloaded from here

- 4 messages so they are only 1 line messages.
-Created additional messages and a new debriefing stage for when the Ross 128 HQ is destroyed.
-Re-adjusted message sources in the "Shivore/Durga/Bheema wing down" messages so it points to the invulnerabled ships.
-Placed the Objective "Defend the Ross 128 HQ" as a Primary objective, not a secondary.
-Brought the beam-lock function onto the Nefertiri as during the firefight between the GTVA pilots and the Shivans, the Nightfall ocassionally gets killed by the           Nefertiri. 

The Pollux should have arrived after all combat was over, so it wouldn't be killed. What happened in your mission that destroyed the Pollux?

I designed the mission with the battle in its final stages - so that the Ravana was very close to the Ross 128 HQ and the Mjolnirs - and initially the pilots of Beta, Delta, and Gamma having an easy time. However, the Shivans, in a bid to save themselves from destruction launched out an entire squadron all at once, but with careful planning the remaining pilots of Alpha, Beta and Delta with unity can destroy the Shivan squadron. Then, Gamma wing, Nefertiri and the Mjolnir RBCs beam and bomb the Ravana to death.

Just a note, how do you focus a Mjolnir RBC to face its target accurately? I couldn't use the "face-oject" function in the Position and Orientation Editor, so please help.


To make the beam cannons face the Ravana just place them where you like, press right button on the mouse and there's an option i think it's called facing and orientation or something like that.

If you select that one, you'll see there's a place where you can put some coordinates or you can select the option to face a certain target on the mission.

Just select facing to and put the ravana on the list, when you apply the cannons will be facing the ravana.

The Pollux got killed after I Ordered all of my wingmates to kill the ravana, they focused on the destroyer and some of the remaining wings got near the Pollux and destroyed it, just to be sure make it invulnerable.


Thanks again, Rodo for your patient comments; hopefully this edited version might just be the final release.  :D

With the Pollux, I edited its arrival cue to arrival after the Nightfall and the final waves (Shivore, Durga and Bheema) all died.
I chucked in an extra twist to the ending fray, but its still "winnable!"
I also added an extra message as there's a massive gap between the Pollux arrival and the celebration message-group.
I changed the SVas on the Nefertiri to a BVas, because the Nefertiri couldn't kill the Caerys fast enough, and also the point that only one of the Mjolnirs work pefectly so extra firepower required!
Changed the position of the Mjonir RBCs but only one RBC can work perfectly every single time.

Okay, so here it is . . . beta 3


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