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Bah i put it of for over half a decade.....

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Colonol Dekker:
So sign me up, where do i start and i don't want to do press-ups if i'm late for parade or inspections.

Simply pick a mission from the sticky and get to work. :)

Colonol Dekker:
They're all taken though?

(apologies i'm in skim-read mode at the moment as i'm in a telphone conversation to shinjuku)

I found this....Campaign 2, mission 8:

Spoiler:Mission eight is red alert from Mission seven. Turns out the node doesn't go to Gamma Draconis - nothing could be further from the truth. The node leads all the way to the Capella system, skipping Gamma Draconis totally. It turns out that the subspace corridor was unstable, and kept on switching from the nodes in both systems; with an ever-changing exit point the chances of the trio of corvettes following is quite low. But now the problem is that the Julius has emerged smack bang in the middle of a battle between GTVA and Shivan forces. The Julius (and Alpha 1) runs through beam fire, GTVA ships, Shivan ships and whatever else you can think of in an attempt to get away from the crossfire. GTVA forces cover the Julius's retreat as they themselves start to retreat and head to the node to Epsilon Pegasi. Alpha 1 leaves just as the trio of corvettes show up nearby.

It's fun to do. I was going to take it, but never did. I like doing BoE missions, so it was great fun for me. There is also two others I think, but I didn't understand the synopsis on them.


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