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Where to save missions


I have bought the FreeSpace 2 game from Good old games and I've just started to use FRED, but I don't know where to save the basic mission the tutorial walks you through. At first, I saved it to were the save box defaulted to which was My Documents but after doing that and clicking on Run FreeSpace it told me that the systems cannot find the file specified.

As I play the GoG version of FS2 and not retail, I don't know what should be the default place to save the mission file so when I click Run Freespace it would be able to find and play the mission file.

Jeff Vader:

Well, I've saved it there and clicked Run FreeSpace and it still gives me that error, I shall start up FS2 proper and go into the tech room and see if it's there.

By the way, thank you for such a quick reply to a question that must sound extremely stupid to you!

The Run Freespace menu option attempts to do exactly that. Run Freespace, not Freespace 2. :) So as a result it's looking for FS.exe in the same folder it's in.

It's a very old bug which should be fixed in the most recent versions of FS2_Open. In general though it's best to simply run FS2 or FS2_Open normally.


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