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Question about converting models

I am converting models for fate of galaxy and last time I was trying to convert big capital ship..
It has about 26k polys and for this test convert it was a single object. PCS2 load my ship but it couldn't save it as .pof..
As I see You have big ships with probably more polys so please tell me how do You solve this problem..
BTW. I'm using .dae files as input to PCS.

Thanks a lot



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Re: Question about converting models
The biggest ship I have ever converted was 320k polygons. It worked fine. PCS2 saved it OK. The limit I first encountered with in PCS2 was the array size for the vertexes. Try to optimize surfaces and weld as many vertexes as you can without endangering the geometry of the ship.
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Re: Question about converting models
You could also check for mesh errors.

Blender has a non-manifold script for finding them. If thats not in your toolset then MeshLAb may help

Look at the first picture on this page.
Basically the inside and outside get mixed up around these types of mesh joins.

Import model into mesh lab

Render>shaders>xray - and then
Render>colour>colour Non Manifold faces.

Any internal red patches may need attention.



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Re: Question about converting models
What is the date on the PCS2 version you are using?  Nov 7th seems to be the best one for dae support.   

One other thing to check is the header info in PCS2 is correct before you try to save.  I've had that crash PCS2 on several occasions when it decides to just read every object as a lod. 
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Re: Question about converting models
Thanks for help but I still have some troubles with big polycount meshes so I will post soon highpoly model and If somebody have some time and could tell me what is wrong it will be reall nice ;)

EDIT: here it is:
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