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Mechcommander Omnitech Question and Answers

Q1: When I attempt to launch it just opens the cmd box and crashes.

A1.1: Install VC++ 2010 redistributable (x86 version - look at MCO/redist folder)

A1.2: Please try the following:
Right mouse click on your Mech Commander Omnitech Desktop icon.
Click properties.

Look for:
Target: D:\MechCommanderOmnitech\MCORel.exe

add " /gosnojoystick " :
D:\MechCommanderOmnitech\MCORel.exe  /gosnojoystick

A1.3:  Run the MC2 executable as an administrator, but NO compatibility modes.

Q2: Running MCO on windows 8.1. Whenever I start the game, I end up with a graphics issue.
With all the different installations, with various different fixes tried across the board, when the game is done loading the main menu screen, the graphics are distorted and there are all sorts of images overlapping my entire screen.

A2: Copy the badcard.csv and vidcard.csv from my MechCommander 2 from the original MC2, into the MechCommander Omnitech installation folder (Can someone please send me those two original files - I will make them available for download. Ran it as Admin (no other compatibility changes).

Q3: Is it compatible with vista?

A3: It should work on Vista, with compatibility mode for windows xp service pack 2 and with admin privileges enabled.

Q4: Problems when running on dual intel/nvidia graphics,

A4: It has problem with intel graphic driver. Please update your graphic drivers.

Q5: Graphical issues and the game was running with pretty poor frame rate on Win 10

A5: delete the file imagehelp.dll  in binaries folder. (Thank you Wolfman, Thank you Dege).
Exodus campaign

Q1: When moving the the bridge in mission E_1_2_The Gate. The bridge explodes.

A1: The only way across that bridge is to leave one of your mechs near Power Generator Alpha and another one near PG Beta.
Move all other mechs across the bridge and capture building to disarm bridge explosives...
After that you can move those two across too.

Q2: Mission 7 where you need to escort 3 convoys before the wolves attack with full force, it is impossible. The wolves start attacking before the last convoy even enters the protection of turret zone.

A2: Destroy all 3 bridges (press F key while targeting bridge) as soon as convoy vehicles cross. That way wolfs are forced to go way around through area full of fuel tanks.
To do that you must split your force.

MW2 Mercs campaign

Q1: The last mission objective is to destroy the enemy convoy entering the map from the east, however, as soon as I destroy any of the trucks, the mission immediately fails.

A1: Go and destroy all previous objectives and wait for the convoy to be in the middle of the map. Ideal timing would be to wait for Allied Catapult to attack. Then rush in, ignore all combat vehicles and destoy/capture all non combat convoy vehicles. As soon as you start shooting ALL non combat vehicles will make a run for their lives at random directions to the map borders...

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MCO Q&A tread. If someone has a solution to any problem in MCO please post here and I will update the top.


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Magic, did you get a copy of the badcard.csv and vidcard.csv files?

I can email them to you if you want.


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Yes I did, just need to post them, too many things to do...


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DPI scaling issue solution:

{thread dump}

So I downloaded the game, having never played it, and it...doesn't really work.
I load in, and the screen si shifted incredibly far to the right! The start menu words are at the very right side of the screen, slightly clipped.
I can make it into settings, and the resolution seems to be set to a 5;4 ratio on start up, for some ungodly reason, though my default screen resolution is 1920/1080.
I can change the screen resolution in the settings...but the screen is shifted too far for me to click "accept" or whatever is over there (I've never seen over there, so I'm not exactly sure what it says). I can tell it to default, which turns the resolution to a mildly more respectable ratio, but, again, I cannot actually accept changes.
This is a known issue. When you have desktop magnification active in Windows, FSO will be scaled up; You will need to right-click on the fs2_open executable, go to properties, open the Compatibility tab, and check the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" checkbox.

If it doesn't help:
Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.
I think JickOShadows is talking about MCO, not FSO :)
Yes, I was referring to MCO. I apologize for not specifying.
Yes, I was referring to MCO. I apologize for not specifying.
Posting in the MCO forum was specification enough; you didn't do anything wrong.

Some people just look at "all unread topics" and don't notice where the thread was posted; it was an honest mistake.

That being said, you could try disabling DPI scaling and see if it works for MCO, too.
Ok, I will try that. Thanks guys.
Sweet! That DID work!
Thanks a lot guys!
Sorry I asked a question that was already answered. I had looked before posting, but hadn't seen that fix.
Hehe, I shouldn't write when I am tired. :p

I have the same problem, disabling screen escalation on MCORel.exe didn't work, in fact. no solution has...

Nvidia GeForce GT490
Screen native res: 1600x900

Please help, I really love this game and I want to play the last version...

On other subject I would love to contribute to the developing of this game as a 2D artist.

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Wow! Those portraits look amazing !


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Very nice!

You are very welcome to help.
I have too much work lately and not much time for MCO.
Hopefully things will change in October...

Please send me PM.


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I think this will fit here.

Game crash on extraction objective?

The end mission logic cannot pick up all the units in the radius - expand the target radius in file. 300-400 works for me.

Game crash on completing final primary objective?

Units are too widely separated - group them closer.  Dont have 1 mech in the west map corner and another in the east, etc.


Both were not an issue in vanilla MC2.