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General Discussion / Re: *SPOILER THREAD* Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by -Joshua- on July 17, 2018, 12:02:07 am »
MARVEL does not suffer from this lack of material to create new movies from. All they have to decide is what movies *not* to create, because once someone says "Captain Marvel is greenlit", they all basically know what to do. In Star Wars, they have no idea. So they just rehash the same kinds of people, the same kinds of robots, the same kinds of biomes, aesthetics and so on.

Thing is, they can pull a lot from the Extended Universe, in the same way that Marvel is pulling from the comics. I mean, you could argue that most of the EU is kinda crap, but so is most of Marvel's comic history, and a lot of Marvel's success has not been about rehashing stuff most people already know, but looking at underappreciated or underdeveloped material and putting it in a new light (BLACK PANTHER). Disney already has plenty of creative talent that is willing to put out some interesting pitches in the new extended universe stuff: The comics, for instance.

Even then, none of this was present in Solo's marketing push.
That's precisely what I'm afraid of. How many promising projects might go belly up in the future because of the desastrous choices of a few like star citizen or no man sky?

Wait, No Man's Sky wasn't crowdfunded right?
They should take the money they get from crowdfounding to lotterys all over the world. With all the money they received they'll surely be able to win some nice jackpot, and to lever the sum thereby.
That's precisely what I'm afraid of. How many promising projects might go belly up in the future because of the desastrous choices of a few like star citizen or no man sky?

Should star citizen not deliver (which I see as more and more unavoidable), the negative impact on crowdfunding projects in general will be enormous.

On the other hand it's funny to see how in a sense, history repeats itself through terrible management decisions. Anyone familiar with the cinematic industry remember "food fight"? Funny how I'm sensing déjà vu.
Just Another Day / Re: Just Another Day: Just Another Discussion Thread
« Last post by Axem on July 16, 2018, 10:34:35 pm »
Diaspora / Re: libpbg12-dev
« Last post by tomimaki on July 16, 2018, 09:55:56 pm »
Install libpng-dev
General Discussion / Re: *SPOILER THREAD* Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by Det. Bullock on July 16, 2018, 09:39:49 pm »

Mika, 90% of those user reviews on aggregators are just a score plus a badly spelled rant (or even just a "Dis movie suX coz SJW!!!"), you can do that on a smartphone or tablet easily or ye know, using bots.

PS: Most people that start with tablets or smartphones write a lot with them, it's mostly us computer nerds that have problems if they don't have a mouse and a full sized keyboard because we know better, hell I saw my cousin write long e-mails on a fricking i-pad.

Actually, no. If you start to ignore negative one liner reviews, you should do so for the positive ones as well (there's quite a bunch of them as well if you look through the reviews), and if not, then why not? Written text reviews are actually a minority, most of the people rate the movie just by giving the score number. E-mails are about the longest thing you can write with a mobile or pad. Pads and phones are mostly used for one line at a time chat communications, not writing reviews. If you use Pad for professional writing and text editing work, you really are wasting time. Of course, that's one way to make oneself look busy, though.

The written reviews, for those who wanted to say something about their rating, are a sample of the entire number of reviews. One review means nothing, but if the same issue is mentioned in 30 % of the reviews, that's likely quite valid.
There are a lot of people that literally don't have a computer and still go around *****ing and writing wall of texts on forums and message boards, either that or all those "sent from iPhone" signatures are for show.
Also, I've specified LONG e-mails IIRC.

Also mob mentality can make people point out the same issue, especially if it's ideological ad probably parroting idiots with a large audience like certain youtubers or Jordan Peterson.
As stupid as Star Citizen is, without crowdfunding, I would not have Overload, and a lot of other worthwhile projects would not be invested in.  This is really just how investment works.  Some things work out, some do not.  Maybe the better lesson is to have some healthy skepticism when the promises are so grandiose.
So, is this project a 'Go' then? If so it would make many people very happy  :nod:
Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how truthful the reporting is, but if the small claims court actually ruled that the new ToS applies retroactively, that's an...unfortunate ruling, to say the least. Yet another reason to completely avoid "crowdfunding" or pre-ordering anything.

Which is fair and sensible. We'll know the truth once the court transcripts are released.
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