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RELEASE:(TBP)Emearon Incident mini-Campaign
This is my first effort in FreDing a campaign so i would really appreciate feedback.

EDIT: Link updated january 10th

Just paste the .vp file in your main TBP folder.

Inside the .rar you'll find the vp and two text documents. I am using an alternate reality to babylon 5 to make my life a bit easier :P if you want you can read all about it.
EDIT: added a third txt detailing updates.

The entire mini campaign was made with multiplayer in mind so all missions are short in duration and relatively uncomplicated. The .vp also includes a single player version for practice :)


Campaign Modes:             Single and Multi
Maximum players:             8
Campaign continuity:        Linear, non-dynamic
Playable Race:                  Humans
Total Missions:                  8
Playable Missions:            7
Requirements:                  TBP Standalone, 3.6.10INF build, Zathras mod
Playtime:                          2hours 30mins aprox
Status:                             Beta

Again, your Feedback will be appreciated, have fun playing.

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Re: RELEASE:(TBP)Emearon Incident mini-Campaign
Link updated january 7th with minor changes, you'll find it here


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Re: RELEASE:(TBP)Emearon Incident mini-Campaign
Why don't you make an ini file with the relevant secondary mods loaded in it, and then make a proper folder with the proper structure?

**** this is necroed- Sorry :D


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Re: RELEASE:(TBP)Emearon Incident mini-Campaign
Sorry to comment so many years later, but there are absurdly difficult missions in this campaign and I don't know if it's a bad design or if it's my fault because I'm not realizing something.
For now, I am unable to disable the energy mines of the two Narn cruisers on the sixth mission, Strike. Also, my ship is apparently indestructible. But that doesn't help, since those weapons are very well hidden and can't be shot from outside, and do the orders to my wings doesn't work. Can someone help me with this mission?


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Re: RELEASE:(TBP)Emearon Incident mini-Campaign
The seventh mission, Standoff, can't load. I get the following errors:

EDIT: This happens both with the first post mediafire link version and the version included on the last TBP on Knossos (3.7.8)
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Re: RELEASE:(TBP)Emearon Incident mini-Campaign
From the error messages this looks like a string somewhere in the Events list might not be correctly closed or otherwise the end of data field not being properly established (probably something that is an open input field, like an event name). This causes the engine to have problems recognizing functional parts of the mission file as such and thats why it reads as incomplete and fails to load.
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Re: RELEASE:(TBP)Emearon Incident mini-Campaign
Finally I managed to fix all errors on the mission, tested until completion, and works. There were whitespaces, excess of characters, two duplicate tags, and a " where it shouldn't be that broke everything.
I cant upload files to the forum, copy/paste the text in the file and replace everything