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Interesting mission names!

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Griffon UK:
--- Quote ---Originally posted by Setekh:
Bearbaiting - Hunting
High Noon - Stand off
The Sixth Wonder - The 6th wonder of the world is the Colossus or sumin...  i think  
A Monster in the Mist - self-explanitory
Straight, No Chaser - ?
Surrender, Belesarius! - self-explanitory
Playing Judas - see Chuckers explanation
Love the Treason... - self-explanitory
...Hate the Traitor - self-explanitory
Into the Lion's Den - self-explanitory
As Lightning Fall - ?
Argonautica - ?
Dunkerque - like the WW event where Germans stormed the allied post... it was evacuated & then destroyed so that the Germans couldn't use it...
Clash of the Titans (1 & 2) - 2 titans fighting
Endgame - End of the Line
Exodus - see Chuckers explanation

--- End quote ---

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I know what "Surrender, Belisarius" means- it's sort of a double meaning with the ship name.

The Belisarius Group was one of the oldest conspiracies known based in ancient Greece. Can't remember more than that. It's really an explanation of the ship name, but since the mission name has the ships name in it, it explains that too. Bah.

"Get thee to a nunnery!"
"Cut the crap Hamlet, my biological clock is ticking and I WANT BABIES NOW!!!"

The Sixth Wonder: The sixth wonder of the world was the Colossus of Rhodes, which was a 120 foot high bronze statue of the god Helios.  

"Right, well apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, WHAT HAVE THE ROMANS EVER DONE FOR US?"

Dunkerque was where the british and french forces were evacuated ahead of the advancing german troops.  If you hear 'the miracle of dunkerque' that's what it was.  Virtually all the french and brits escaped from France.

If you don't mind a newbie sticking his nose in:

Battle of the Wilderness: American Civil War, Lee vs Grant in a huge, swampy forest.  Lots of dead, lots of confusion, not much result.

The Kings Gambit: In chess, a "gambit" is when you sacrifice a piece to gain an advantage.  Of course, if you sacrifice the king, you automatically lose..
The Sicilian Defense: Also chess. A style of defensive play that somehow lets you spring a trap on you opponent.

Endgame:  Chess, again.  The last couple of moves, when there are few remaining pieces and the strategy that you've worked on all game pays off (or not).
A flaming Sword: The traditional weapon the Archangels used to smite the evil-doers.
bearbaiting:  Take a bear, chain it to a stake, blind it, set specially bred dogs on it and watch them tear each other apart.  Medieval family entertainment.

High Noon:  Probably referring to the classic Western where the un-supported sherrif either had to face the bad guys at noon or run.

Straight, No chaser:  Drinking phrase.  "Give me the scotch and skip the soda (I'm a real man!)"

Their Finest Hour:  WWII, Churchill quote describing the British people fighting the Nazis by themselves after the fall of France.

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