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Some Eye Candy (Image Heavy)

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Mee too!

OK, all three of us reported, now you go back to work!

(Closes door on way out!)


By the way, you really DO have wonderful ships...

Well Done!

Well, you know, those are some great flyby shots and they really show the ships off very well but... there are like two action shots in the whole lot. ;) Not to say I don't love it all, and I'll highlight you to prove it, but would you be so kind as to get us some nice battle shots? There's only one thing better than new ships, and that's new ships blowing up. :D

The problem with action shots is that you have to be VERY quick to get any decent shots of anything blowing up. The main problem is that the bullet time keys are so far apart that I have to take my hands off the joystick to press them both.

You should see the number of action shots I discarded cause I'd just missed the explosion :D Its amazing how crappy action shots come out when you've got both your hands on the keyboard and you're steering a force feedback joystick with your chin :lol:

I'll give it another go though and see what I can get.

I love the giant Vasudan Patcom :)


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