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PCS- COB Reading Capabilities Update

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I can read cobs into memory now [well the 4 important chunks, the only ones i need to worry about: Grou [Groups], Lght [Lights], Mat1 [Materials- ie textures], PolH [Polygon data]]

Here just like the POF class the first thing i made it print out was a file statistic [which i may make the GUI able to do this - just required a GetOpenFileName call and passing opening the file and passing it to the proper function]

here is a sample of the output

@Texture[0]: D:\Program Files\Truespace4\TEXTURES\capital01-02a.bmp
     +ParentID: 14988532, ChunkID: 14878004
     +U_reps: 4, V_reps: 2
@Texture[1]: D:\Program Files\Truespace4\TEXTURES\capital01-04a.bmp
     +ParentID: 14988532, ChunkID: 14881028
     +U_reps: 1, V_reps: 4
@Light[0]: LocLight
     +ParentID: 14988308, ChunkID: 14882404
@PolyModel[0]: Cylinder #Faces: 744
     +ParentID: 14988308, ChunkID: 14988532
     +NumVerticies: 384
     +NumUVVerts: 723
@Group[0]: StarBase
     +ParentID: 0, ChunkID: 14988308

We can learn alot from this, we notice that the Material's ParentID matches the Polymodel's ChunkID and the PolyModel's and Light's ParentID match the Group's ChunkID this tell me how the chunks are linked and is one giant step tword conversion - i know how to determine the heirarchy

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I am sure that all that is a great thing.

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Congrats and thanks for you help in the community.  

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