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Vasudan Commander:
This may be in the wrong forum, so apologies if it is....

I remember a long long time ago, i downloaded a warship called the TDFx Apocalypse. Im not sure what mod it was for, i cant remember. But it was 20 km long, resembling the terran medical frigate, and had 'electro-beams'....lots of them. Sparkly blue beams, comparable in strength to the Sathanas' main beam cannons.

Does anyone know where this website is ? Or what this ship is ? More info memory is too vague....

Ahhh, from the Machina Terra Project..  :)

Dark Hunter:
MT? Well that certainly explains why I've never heard of it.  :p

It'sa here! And we'sa have a nice version of it just waiting to be used, when the campaign gets finished (which if our fredder keeps upp, will be real soon! :D

Vasudan Commander:
OOoooooooooooooohhhhhh......Machine Terra ! NOW I remember !  :P

Yer...i downloaded the TDFx Apocalypse ages ago. I saw it, then just put it in a FRED mission, put it up against 1 Sathanas and 3 Ravanas, to see who would win with beam cannons on.

TDFx Apolypse creamed the crap out of em.


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