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Vasudan Commander:
I was wondering if one of you guys from MT would be so kind as to give us a rough outline of what the storyline of MT is? Thanks  ;)


You see, there's these funny pink rabbits from another galaxy, and their looking forward to conquer the universe.

So basically the GTVA has to hold off the rabbit advance. You'll be playing Alpha 2 (Alpha 1 has retired), and will engage in compelling missions against the pink rabbits.

Basically thats it. For more info you can check the fiction section of the Machina Terra website :D

 :lol:  Nice I for one will love to shoot there guts out. ;)


--- Quote ---his thread and this forum are actually being not being replied to at all.  Styxx has enabled the staff to transmit directly to your subconscious mind, and you only think you are seeing this forum.  Further, there is actually no Machina Terra Mod.  Well I am not technically correct in that, there is a mod, it exists, but only in our heads, as we of the MT staff share our thoughts....and Styxx head is a scary place to be.  I digress, When you download MT, you will actually be downloading nothing but a conscious thought, which is being placed into your subconscious by what Styxx invented and HiG calls "The Pink Leg Warmers of Speed". 

How do they work?

Styxx puts the Pink Leg Warmers on and begins humming the theme from "Leave it to Beaver", once this has been happening for at least 12 minutes, he puts his cigar out in a Rum and Coke, at which point the resulting temperature rise coupled with the sonic vibrations of "Leave it to Beaver" turn the grass outside his house blue.  Once the grass is blue he rolls some into a piece of paper and he then lights a marble on fire (which is a hell of a trick) using the marble as his new incendiary device he quickly lights the leg warmers on fire and then dowses them witht he rum and coke.  After all of this it is a simple matter of adding three hot pepper seeds to a duracell battery, with a twist of lemon, and then using a penny and a screwdriver to run current through the leg warmers.  With the durrent running, and his legs starting to sweat, he takes the blue grass and paper and places them on the microwave, thus drying them both out rather quickly.  And that is how the Pink Leg Warmers of Speed allow us to place a conscious thought into your subconscious mind.
--- End quote ---

so there it is copied it from old Shadowwolfs post :p

Vasudan Commander:
erm.....k?  :wtf:


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