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I'm in your POF, fixing your polies.

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Don't worry, very few people are knowledgeable in both modding and FREDding.  A project such as this needs all kinds of skills. :)

Anyway, you're in.  Poke around and see what you think.

Col. Fishguts:
Normal maps are fun :)

Download ZIP. As always, the POF file goes into \TVWP\data\models\ and the DDS files go into \TVWP\data\maps\

Col. Fishguts:
Mustang Alpha & Beta: Download here.

*looks at Mustang pic*


Wanted to mention here to see; is anyone else having problems with getting the normal maps to appear? For me they arn't even a turn-offable option on the F3 screen. At first i thought i was just my graphics options hiding them but they seem to actually not be loading (everything else is, including the lights). Does anything need to be changed for normals to work? I've definately got them set in the launcher (they work on BP and mediaVPs fine, complete with turn-off button on the F3 menus).

Thanks for your input with that btw Fishguts. :)


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