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RELEASE: some new HIGHREZ shockwaves :)

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when you consider most of the smaller shockwaves are very fast, 98 frames played over a split second can't be choppy, 98 frames played at 30 fps should last for a perfectly smooth shockwave that can last a bit more than 3 seconds, thats a very long time to a shockwave...
try converting it to DDS, it probably a framerate thing

My framerate is a constant 60 frames. My pc can handle a few .tga's just fine.
It's really noticable when bigger ship explode, the large slow expanding ones, those that are more then just 3 seconds on your screen. Which also happen to be the ones you get the best look at. (Since they tend to be filling your whole screen)

Well feel free to modify the EFF and increase the FPS :/


--- Quote from: Droid803 on November 11, 2010, 08:37:19 pm ---Well feel free to modify the EFF and increase the FPS :/

--- End quote ---
Even though we explained to you on irc about your fail, you still posted this?  :p

What's the fail about ?


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