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Mobius, are you just asking that on every project board you have ever been interested right now?

Hey guys! Long time no see. And long time no updates :D

We are getting close to finishing this thing and we need your help.
We'd be glad to see someone to volunteer in finishing two ships. We've got it converted to POF, tabled nad uvmapped. However we need a texture artist to give those two models some love.

If you want to help us get Earth Defence out, please help us with those two ships :D We pay back in our great gratitude :D

Black Wolf:
Shiv, it will probably help to specify the class and species of ship you want textured. Texture artists with free time are rare enough as it is, and not everyone can do every species - you might get different people willing to offer to help for a Shivan bomber vs a Terran corvette (or whatever, random examples).

OF course, for the maximum chance of getting people's attention, you're probably best off showing off the models themselves (assuming they're not completely plot critical). No better way to get people to help out than by giving them a reason to be excited (i.e. some cool new ships just waiting for a texture to be in-game-ready).

Yeah.. I would consider offering if I knew what I was getting into. I care about species less than I care about ship class. I don't have time to blindly offer to texture an installation.

Sure. We need to get pretty renders of those objects for you first :)


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