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Multiplayer Session Setup

As you probably know from my other post, I am trying to play multiplayer game but I am unable to host. So I kindly ask for volunteer(s), who can either host the game or set up a standalone server. Initally, I would like just test if it's working (like join & start any mission), and after this, we will try to find date that will be comfortable both the host and the players. For now, I have 3 players (me, c914 and a friend of our, who never played FS before).

We're interested in playing original FS2 missions, so the mod is going to be 'FSU MediaVPs 4.4', and the build 'FSOMPBETA 1.1.0' (from what I can see from forum/discord discussions this is the proper build for plaing multi games, right?).
And by the way, I would like to know if anyone is interested in playing few hours of multi, let's say, twice a month. I am thinking of rather longer sessions, like 3+ hours of FreeSpace & Bosh Beer, but more or less regular, and with a reasonable "cooldown" to avoid getting tired too soon. No intentions to ressurect the dead here, I know that initiave like this will last month or so, until we will have enough of the same missions again and again. But hell, do you think is it worth giving it a shot? :nervous:
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Re: Multiplayer Session Setup
So, I can't test it to make sure it works, but we should now have a standalone running the new multiplayer beta.  Just be aware that it is on regular FS2, rather than any of the "Coop Up" mods. 

Re: Multiplayer Session Setup
Despite being  been asked a few months ago I wouldn't wanna miss to reply that I'm all up for any Multiplayer testing if you still need a hand. Further more there's a bunch of pilots trying to get some flight action going on a regular basis. So it would be great to have you guys join us on this! The more the merrier ;)
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