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Glide and energy management
I was wondering how you are planning to handle the energy manaement and gliding in Fringe Space.
First the definately possible: Gliding.

In Tachyon glide would take over the speed and direction you had when you activated it, unless some other force changed it. In other words you could afterburn to topspeed, activate glide and thus cruise at afterburner speed forever (or as long as you reached the map boundery I suppose). That's also how glide was originally implemented in the first TBP release.
Later in FSO it was changed that you drop back to maximal non-afterburner speed, even while gliding.

So the question is, will you do it the FSO or original Tachyon style?

As for the energy management, is it even possible in FS2 to make an energy management system like Tachyon had?
For those who never played Tachyon, there the ems worked pretty much like FS2s, but with the difference that excess energy was distributed among the other systems. So if your weapons energy is fully loaded, all your other systems (shields, afterburner reserve and engines) get more power, untill you use up some of that weapon energy.


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Re: Glide and energy management
Well the gliding thing we've had working since before BtRL... in fact Backslash fixed it for our team, which was then used in BtRL.
So while we've got some little cavats, like different sounds per state of the gliding (slide), it's worked ok for us.

The ETS system is more of an issue, both with HUD (which I began work on and am stuck on atm) and coding behind the scenes which
I've asked the SCP to do as a feature request. Being a smaller mod though, we'll probably having to find a coder favorable to our cause that
can work on that specifically. There's several little to med things we need code wise in order to get what we need done for a alpha demo.

We've got modelers now surprisingly, we're just either very short or without texturing folks and coding folks. Get those two issues axed
and we'll be cooking on the assets front. Eventually will need a fred'er, but that's not necessary "right" now. Been skimping by on what
I can do in fred so far.
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