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Chapter 3: Retribution

Retribution is where we go off of the map and into uncharted territory story-wise. The intent is to outline what happens after the events of Halo 3 and the end of the Human-Covenant War. Consider the following: the Covenant split in a civil war, the UNSC is in tatters, human rebels still cling to their worlds but enjoy the absence of the UNSC policing them, and the human-friendly faction of former Covies is left without a purpose.

Much of the details are to be decided, but the general events I had originally planned include:

* The "Spared Colonies" of mankind most likely now out-populate Earth and with the fall of Reach they may very well have a greater construction capacity. What would you do in their shoes?
* The ex-Covenant alien forces have all these ships and nothing to fight...or do they?
* What about the Loyalist Covenant forces that were not present at either Earth or the Ark?
* You better bet your bottom dollar that whatever resources the UNSC has left will start reverse-engineering the hell out of some Covenant hardware. Can you say Longsword + Shields + Lazorz Beamz = Bad @#$ Human Ships?
* The Flood is presumably gone for good, so what will all this leftover Forerunner automated stuff start doing?
* Unanswered questions from the entire Halo storyline remains: missing Spartans, vague idea of where the Flood originated, Onyx and the Shield World, etc
These are many of the questions I asked myself years ago, and like any fervent fan I came up with an answer to most if not all of them. The current central story arc revolves around a single nemesis: the last surviving members of the Prophet's race will inexorably cling to power as much as they can. What happens when one of them - filled with ambition, charisma, and a seething hatred for those that broke the Covenant - takes power? Say hello to the aptly-named and quite pissed off Prophet of Retribution...

Feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions or comments.

So, for the 3rd chapter, would be be playing only as the UNSC? or would it switch between different factions? (UNSC, Rebel, various covenant factions, forerunner tech, or any combination thereof)

how many forerunner ships/models do you actually have devrous?

So far I have the 'base ship' seen in the Halo games (it's HUGE), another cap ship that I won't describe at this time, and a fighter I've dubbed the "Aleph" in honor of Bungie  :D


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