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So... Which Chapter is being worked on ATM?

All of them, to be honest, Snail  :lol:

I'm making sure things are balanced between the ships and weapons. Of course 'balance' is a relative term, but I didn't want to design all of Chapter 1 only to find that I made something way to powerful/weak and have to redo all of the other ships to compensate. This approach means I'll be able to start in Chapter 1 and jump right into Chapter 2 without missing a beat. Also, the interface, HUD, sounds and models (at least human ones) are common across all of them. The Chapter 1 files will simply have all of the Covenant items omitted, and once Chapter 2 comes out it will just be additional content packed in there. That way you can go back and forth between playing the different Chapters with no change to the VP files (backwards compatible).

Felix 039:

--- Quote from: Devrous on February 21, 2011, 08:32:49 am --- the human vs human conflicts have a the capacity to go much deeper. Civil war, civil unrest
--- End quote ---
Hello NTF :P

Yes, I would like to fight the rebels. HOWEVER, Covenant come first! *pew pew*


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