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FS2H is humming along smoothly as of late and things are finally falling into place! However, I decided to reach out to the community to choose the name of the ship that most of the missions for Chapter I will take place from. It's an old frigate that's seen better days with a captain that's eager to prove that his ship can keep up with the best of the newer class of frigates (such as the In Amber Clad and those like it).

As always your comments and thoughts are most welcome!  :yes:

"Unending Voyage" sounds like it would be better for a Covenant ship.


--- Quote from: Snail on August 02, 2011, 07:55:00 am ---"Unending Voyage" sounds like it would be better for a Covenant ship.

--- End quote ---

Totally agree with you!

Summers End because it's in the same vain as Pillar of Autumn

Felix 039:
Glad to see this project is still rolling!
Clarion Call
Summers End
Child of the Mountain
Unending Voyage
Below are all my opinions, feel free to critizize. But please keep it civilized.
Clarion Call:
A pretty "normal" ship name, fits quite well with a UNSC ship (Anything smaller than a UNSC Destroyer).
I have a feeling this name would fit best with a UNSC Prowler, Corvette or Light Frigate (Note I said Light, not Heavy, like UNSC Grafton.)
Summers End:
I agree with headdie, it's in the same vain as Pillars of Autumn. But that's also exactly why I disagree with having this name for a Frigate. Because UNSC Pillar of Autumn and her sister ships are all Halcyon class Cruisers, not Frigates. However, it's still a great name that you came up with.
Child of the Mountain:
Weird name, change it to Mountain Child instead then I can imagine it being a UNSC Heavy Frigate or Destroyer.
Unending Voyage:
Yeah, Covenant ship.


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