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Updates soon?

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Hey Devrous. Board has been inactive for 2 months as of today, was wondering if you were able to give us a progress update on the project

Felix 039:
Guess not >.>

Send him a PM maby? Or Email.

Oh he's still here. Don't worry.

Sorry, been out of town for five weeks taking a good long vacation from work!

Before the break, I managed to get a couple more models updated, fixed a few turrets and odd submodel issues with some of the main ships (it was putting them way outside the ship). Also, I tried a build to balance the fighters better by slowing them down and giving them some uber-afterburners. It's fun for the player but the AI has trouble with it; looks like a group of angry hornets coming after you when they aburn!!!

I've been focused more on quality of the tables and missions as of late instead of worrying about the models/textures. It could be beautiful and no fun to play or fun and passable,  and I think people would enjoy the later much more.

I'll whip up a few screenies soon. Also halfway done on an intro cinematic! Just need to hunker down and get a server, revive the old website, etc. etc. Fun times ahead!

Thanks for keeping the interest! I'll have files and actual gameplay out as soon as I it gets closer to a beta state.


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