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Iain Baker:
Hi everyone: If anyone would like to join me in bringing Reunion 2.0 to life please join the Reunion 2.0 Development Discord server - DM me for the link :-)

Punch and pie ;-)

Iain Baker:
Updated to-do list and project ideas for anyone interested  :)

Shivan Hunter:

Finally got around to playing this! Overall a really enjoyable campaign, with a perfectly satisfying about of beamz. ;)

Spoiler:I loved the first few missions, which absolutely nailed the desolate and uncertain atmosphere out in uncharted space. I'm pretty sure we killed fleeing civilians in that mission with the jump node - would have liked to see that revisited in dialogue, with another character having an "Oh ****" moment (Maybe I missed it?) Otherwise, the reintroduction of the Shivans was spot on. Also liked the Tex/Korhonen subplot woven in amongst the mission dialogue.

I also enjoyed the twist when Zach goes ape**** on you - it seemed like it was building up to a "Make your wingmen play nice" subplot that's in so many campaigns like Blaise Russell's, only to be tragically cut short (but in a realistic way, not a "subverting tropes for the hell of it" way)

The Shivan slog in the middle was probably the low point of the campaign IMO. It felt a bit paradoxical: the missions didn't make the Shivans feel terrifying the way they "should" be (they have an astonishingly small force compared to the GTVA, and we kill the Sath pretty much immediately), and yet the gameplay itself can be quite frustrating.

I ended up modding the Kvasir (or whatever you renamed it to) to carry TAGs for that TAG mission, because FUUUCK doing that mission in a ship that can't reach 200m/s. I also was ready to fail the Sath mission until Korhonen berated me for not doing exactly what I had in fact done and bringing all bombers etc etc so I'd my way through that mission. (The follow-up mission basically plays itself and the Aquitaine shows up (yay!) and tbh I think that's the right decision gameplay-wise)

Loved the way the politicking played out during/after the jumpgate mission (I played all three scenarios - I tentatively consider the ending where you fail and bug out and meet up with the SOC to be the "best" ending, but of course I have no idea what you have/had planned for the sequel!) It all felt like the natural conclusion of each faction's motivations, rather than being forced for the sake of plot.

I'll echo someone else's critique that the Zod ending seems almost cartoonishly evil, to the point that I was rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue. I like the idea that being loyal to the system and to keeping the peace turns out to be the "worst" ending, and I *do* get that they're a paranoid anti-Terran cult (as explained - though possibly with their own biases - in the SOC ending) but it could have been far less on-the-nose about it. Miller's intermal monologue seemed especially out of character there.

Though, I DO like that no ending gives you all the information. Each ending gives you context about what's really going on in the others. (Seriously peeps just play all three from the tech room, they're just single missions)
BUGS that I can remember atm:

* Numerous issues with fighter dockpoint paths, support ships taking a million years hovering around the farthest path vertex before moving in to rearm me. I've fixed dockpoints like that before (don't remember exactly what I did) so I might take a look at them and upload some fixed pofs. Definitely affected the Chiron and that big INF bomber, possibly others too.
* Also, this happened on both the Qeb and the ship you're disabling in the Zod epilogue - some (subsystem? subobject? idk) gets destroyed, and then weapons stop colliding with the ship entirely. It only sometimes happens. I think it happened when the Qeb's armor subobject got destroyed. Dunno any other details than that.
* Also in my dockpoint testing I noticed that in the Sath mission, Alpha 2 and 3 are in the wrong positions (2 to A1's right and 3 to A1's left), so they crash into each other trying to right themselves lololol
* Oh and also, the not-Kvasir has 3 gun banks defined but it only has 2 "real" gun banks in the POF

* Another random nitpick that I modded - the Chiron's top speed is 65, Oclk speed is only 70, but it burns up to 180, which just seems... really weird. Idk if it was like this in Act 1 and I just missed/forgot it. Anyway I ended up changing its Oclk speed to 100 in a tbm and it felt a lot more natural when fiddling with ETS. Just a thought

Here's the models with fixed dockpoints for the Chiron, Sleipnir, Gryphon, and Ymir. I tested all the new ships available in the Sath mission so I may not have gotten everything, but the other new ships in that mission seemed fine. Docking procedure (support ship called in right at mission start) cut down by about 14 seconds in each case (which is an eternity when you've got Shivans shoving missiles up your butt)

In general, based on my cursory testing (and observation of the ones that work), a fighter dockpoint path should look like this: Vertex 1 (the outermost one) about 100m away from the dockpoint, with huge radius (~1000); Vertex 2 about halfway between vertex 1 and the dockpoint, with a radius of 60-70ish so it encompasses Vertex 1, but doesn't extend out by a lot; Vertex 3, only about 10m above the dockpoint with a radius of about 10m; and Vertex 4, at the dockpoint, with a very small radius. There are some very different dockpoint path setups out there and they seem to work less well. You can vary vertex 1's distance if you want it faster, or want to be really sure the support ship can avoid bumping into you if coming up from below; >100m will make it take longer and <100m can make it a bit faster to dock.

Iain Baker:
Hi all!

I stopping by to give everyone a quick progress update. Herkie and I are hard at work fixing up Reunion, so please send through any suggestions you may have.

Here is a quick run-through of what we are and what we are not doing.

I'll start with what we are not doing:
•   We are not creating the third act. Reunion is still Voelkel's campaign, and he clearly had a plan for where act three was going story-wise, but he didn't tell us what it was. This will be for him to do if/when he comes back. (With our help of course, if he wants it.)

•   We are not radically changing anything story-wise for Acts One and Two for the same reasons. Again, if Voelkel wants to make such changes, we can help him if he wishes it.

What we are doing
•   Adding TTS to act one to match act two

•   Fixing grammar and spelling mistakes

•   Fixing the bugged models, dock points etc.

•   Fixing and rebalancing bugged and unbalanced weapons. For example, the missiles from the Njord missile cruiser have been doubled in power but have had their RoF halved – no more being tied up in frustrating missile spam.

•   Adding shield icons to the ships that were missing them or using the wrong ones (no more generic shield doughnuts of Doom 😊)

•   Fixing / replacing bugged skyboxes

•   Extra eye and ear candy

•   Adding optional GXYZ movement for the player's craft

•   Adding optional GXYZ movement for enemy crafts (They will be far more interesting to fight now)

•   Adding optional and configurable auto-aim for those who want it

•   HD Radar Icons – Generic as an optional dependency

•   Better radar icons

•   Some minor (and possibly not so minor) mission alterations to improve balance, fill up 'downtime', make them more interesting etc.

•   We may overhaul capital ships blob turrets too so they don’t suck and are actually a threat too, so long as this doesn't horribly unbalance everything.

ETA for all this - sometime this year. I can't be more specific than that since I'm tied up in so many other projects. So it's a case of 'it gets done when it gets done.' We will try out best to make it worth the wait. :-)

Shivan Hunter:
Awesome! :D


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