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Ladies and Gentelmen, Boy and Girls
I and the "Awakaning Of The Beast"-Team wish the "The Babylon Project"-Team and all other FREDers and players of the TBP a happy and succesful new year 2006.

Even in the new year keep your eyes on:,37452.0.html
 [3rd party Missions and Campaign list]

"Awakening of the Beast"
 by 0rph3u5 and Team

"The Black Hand - Episdoe 1 - First Steps Into the Abyss"
 (version 0.9 is coming mid January! no more betas !:))

"The Black Hand - Episode 2 - Odysse"
 (project starts in January 2006)
"When you work with water, you have to know and respect it. When you labour to subdue it, you have to understand that one day it may rise up and turn all your labours into nothing. For what is water, which seeks to make all things level, which has no taste or colour of its own, but a liquid form of Nothing?" - Graham Swift, Waterland


"I am Curiosity, and I've always wondered what would become of you, here at the end of the world." - The Guide/The Curious Other, Othercide

"As you sought to steal a kingdom for yourself, so must you do again, a thousand times over. For a theft, a true theft, must be practiced to be earned." - The terms of Nyrissa's curse, Pathfinder: Kingmaker

"...because they are not Dragons."