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READ ME -- Important

IMPORTANT: You must set the Key Bindings for the following controls according to the reference below. These controls are used in some missions for in-game choices or options and these must be set or some of the game options like tactical commands will not work You can set this in the "Options" screen in the game. The keys to be set can be found under the "Misc" tab under "Control Config" Menu.    

    FUNCTION                                                   DEFAULT KEY               ASSIGNED TO
    (Multiplayer)Message All                                     1 ------------>            Num Pad 1
    (Multiplayer)Message Friendly                            2 ------------>           Num Pad 2
    (Multiplayer)Message Hostile                             3 ------------>            Num Pad 3
    (Multiplayer)Message Target                              4 ------------>            Num Pad 4
    (Multiplayer)Observer Zoom to Target            Alt-X -------->             Num Pad 5
    (Multiplayer)Toggle Network Info                   Shift-N------>             Num Pad 6
    (Multiplayer)Self Destruct                                Shift-End ---->           Num Pad 7
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